Welcome. If you’re here for day one, you probably know the special brand of chaos that exists at my house. For the lone stranger in the room, though, I’m a thirty-something IT guy. Married to my best friend since ’99, with three beautiful girls. Twelve, six, and three. In 2010, we moved from the Chicago burbs to what can only be described as Nowhere, OH, where I now work from home full time.

Life is good.

This affords me a lot of flexibility. Why do we live in Nowhere, OH? Because I haven’t talked my bride’s family into following me to the South Carolina Lowcountry. It also affords me the opportunity to have great barbecue, even during the week. Stick around, and I’ll share some of my favorite discoveries. Meat rubs. Beer. technologies, and likely other stuff. Where applicable, I’ll share the recipes, so that you can recreate it at home. I’d certainly appreciate it if you do the same.

So, grab a draft beer, and make yourself comfortable. I don’t mind if you put your feet up on the couch. ¬†Hopefully, we’ll discover some stuff together.


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