Decision/Despair/Disgust 2012

Decision 2012, in my opinion, is going to be a rather critical moment for this country. This is why it saddens me, that the decision is going to be so heavily weighted on one word.

No, that word is not socialism. Nor is it capitalism. That word is xenophobia.


[zen-uh-foh-bee-uh, zee-nuh-]


an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange.
An opinionated sort, with an interest in politics, it’s no surprise that I’m very interested in the opinions of the masses. The source matters not. Comments on articles. Discussions on facebook. Discussions with imaginary friends on debate boards. There are a lot of important things to discuss, in my opinion. We have very real topics to discuss. Topics like national debt and deficit, and how to improve it. Topics like jobs, and how to create them. Topics such as women’s rights to equal pay and their medical autonomy. Or, perhaps healthcare as a whole, and who should have access to it? The list of important issues that are owed some intelligent discourse is long.
Which is why it causes me such anguish that the important topics of this election, according to the comments, seem to be whether or not Barack Obama, or even Mitt Romney, is a Christian. Or, that he was born in Kenya. Y’know, as if that shouldn’t have been put to bed by the Hawaiian authorities coming out in support of his birth certificate. Barack Hussein Obama may have what, to Americans, is a “funny” name.  But, it doesn’t make him less American. He’s not a Muslim, though there would be nothing wrong with him ACTUALLY being a Muslim. If, y’know…he was.
Why is it that this is what people are looking to attack him on? Some of this stuff is not only false, it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing to me, as an American, that this is what Americans are talking about. We’re not talking about the fact that President Obama is preferred to continue on as the leader of the free world., according to a BBC poll. By every surveyed nation but one.  Apparently, Pakistan apparently still isn’t thrilled with him.
This really isn’t intended to be a political opinion piece. In the interest of disclosure, I’m supportive of another term for President Obama. But, that’s not the part that gives me despair. It’s the fact that so many Americans, in 2012, will vote for anybody BUT President Barack Hussein Obama.
Why? Because he’s black.
Or, because he’s a Muslim, serving terrorists.
Or, because he was born in Kenya…
There’s plenty of room for dissent as far as what direction we should be heading. Some of my favorite people on this planet are most assuredly voting for Romney. Bless their hearts. 😉 I did hear one of them has recently switched teams, though!
I quite enjoy my discussions with them. They can hold intelligent conversations as to what they feel should happen. I don’t want someone to agree with me, I want someone to make me think.
All the people who want to talk about how “I’ll never be convinced Obama is a Christian”, or the birthers carrying on about “Obama is an illegal president”, or making sure to reference Obama’s middle name, because it may illuminate how you feel he’s different from you?
There’s a term for you. It’s called xenophobe. And, in case you were wondering? It’s YOU that is wrong with this country. If one guy lost because more people agreed with the other’s platform, that’d be one thing. This platform, as far as I can tell, though, seems to be predicated upon refusing or revoking the civil rights of others, and I can’t get behind that.

4 thoughts on “Decision/Despair/Disgust 2012

  1. You are absolutely right.

    I just voted FOR Obama because he is willing to go to bat for ALL Americans – not just the rich 1%. There was a point when I was actually thinking about voting Libertarian – however, there is NO chance that a Libertarian will make it as POTUS… so instead of throwing my vote away, I put the vote in for the Democrats.

    The Republicans are NOT just Xenophobes – they are also representing (happily – in most cases) the misogynists here in America. When an old-ass man wants to take away my RIGHTS when it comes to MY reproductive health, I just *can’t* get on board. And I’m even MORE disgusted with the Tea Party (they were really funny when they were the Tea Baggers) and GOP when it comes to LGBT equality – gay people deserve to be married and afford the benefits which all legally married people receive.

    Paramount to all that is the separation of church and state… I don’t want to live in a fucking theocracy and that is what so many conservatives are pushing. Of course, as an atheist, I can’t be allowed to have a voice, because it may go against what the religious folk think.

    Great post. :0))

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more! As someone whose name would have sounded funny and decidedly foreign (it’s German) less than a hundred years ago, I completely concur with your post. There is a nasty, xenophobic undertone to much of what is said about President Obama himself (people can disagree with his policies all they want — that is an entirely different thing). When a subset of people consistently say that they are uncomfortable with the POTUS, that they think he is unqualified for the position, that they don’t like his policies, and they cannot articulate exactly what it is that makes then uncomfortable, what it is that makes him unqualified (well, the birthers will say it, but they are becoming a distinct minority of one, I think), or what it is about the POTUS’s policies they dislike (aside from a general dislike of “Socialism,” and President Obama is far from a Socialist), it becomes apparent that there is something else going on . . .

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