An open letter to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Honorable Ms. Ginsburg:

First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for your service to the United States.

My daughters and I owe you a debt of gratitude. As do many in today’s “non-traditional” America. A peaceful warrior on behalf of equality, you’ve been steadfast in your demand for equality and your rulings have reflected as such. In 1996, you helped stand up to state sanctioned sexism when you joined the Majority opinion that the Virginia Military Institute’s “male only” violated the equal protection clause. You assisted in demanding accountability when it came to United States. V. O’Hagan. And, recently, there was her dissent with regard to the Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire and Rubber suit, where it seems that the parties agree that discrimination took place, but seems to have beyond the 180 days required by law. This action helped drive legislative relief in the form of the Lily Ledbetter Act.

Your actions have indisputably smoothed the path for women and other minorities. from resistance to appoint you as clerk in the beginning of your career, to your current position on the Supreme Court of the United States, your service is inspiring.

It is with boundless gratitude and respect that I plead with you, November 20, 2012, to retire from our high court.

Since you entered your dissenting opinion on Bush v. Gore, our nation has become increasingly polarized. We seem to have at least two starkly different opinions of what America should be. What protections should be in place. Who, exactly, is worthy of protection, and why. The continuum seems to exist mainly between unbridled individualism and light to moderate socialism. These splits manifest themselves in many ways, including the current fight over the privacy rights established under Roe v. Wade.

You have scored a number of wins for women and minorities everywhere. I plead with you, please retire, preferably early, during the second term of President Obama, so that we may have a similarly progressively minded justice appointed to help protect previous decisions and ensure maintenance of the balance of the court for generations to come.

Thank you, Justice Ginsburg, for your wisdom and your service. You’ve assisted in leaving the country a better place.


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