Father’s Day

It seems that Father’s Day is upon us again.

I know this, because my gaggle of girls took me out yesterday to one of my favorite restaurants, North Country Brewing Company, for an early dinner/late lunch. And my partner in crime bought me a very cool growler full of their delicious “Paleo IPA” to take home to drink during game two of the Stanley Cup Final.


This morning, I was afforded the luxury to sleep well past when I would normally sleep, was taken out to breakfast at another favorite local place for breakfast, the Golden Rye Grille, where I was presented with a book of coupons from the girlies for everything from unlimited snuggles to car washes, to floor washing.

Those girls make me proud. They love big, live big, and leave me pondering what may be next. Sometimes, I become concerned that my own weaknesses leave the girls a little bit shy in the Dad department, but for the most part, they seem satisfied. And for that, I’m grateful.

Something that struck me today, as I was smiling while walking to retrieve the car so that the girls didn’t have to walk in the rain, is how much I love being a Dad. I don’t want a day off of taking care of my girls. That’s simply what I do. I had the good fortune of learning to be a dad from both my own Dad and my maternal Grandfather. Both of whom taught me important, though different, lessons. And have helped to make me someone that I feel that I can be proud of today.

I told a friend today that a great man and father teaches their sons how to be a great man. I then pondered joking that it’s a good thing I had all girls. But, I know that’s not true. I’m proud of who I’ve become. I’m proud of the work that we do to try to teach the girls empathy and gratitude. I’m proud of the way that we raise our girls.

For all you Dads out there that sometimes question how well you do at the most important job you have, remember that the single biggest thing that matters, is that they know how much you love them. The self confidence that comes from that gives them the rudder that’s necessary to be confident in themselves, and not be swayed by all of the forces out there that are constantly present, and can blow us off course.

Thank you Dad, and Grandpa, for the love that solidified my core, and allowed me to be steadfast in who *I* wanted to be. A [mostly] great Dad to my girls.