Finding mothers are easy. They’re the people in the room who always seem more worried about everybody else than they are themselves. Easy to find, but difficult to define. I’ve had the good fortune of knowing some of the best. Being Mother’s Day and all, I want to try to paint a picture with words to try to put some context around a term that can be so easy and so complex to define, all at the same time.

Empathy. One of the most important words that I can use to define motherhood is empathy. My girls’ mommy always said that as soon as we had #1, that every child out there is hers, in some way. A child was hurt or did something great, she’d ponder it as though it was our child.

Selflessness. Something that has struck me of many of the mothers that I’ve known, is how selfless they are. If dinner was more popular than expected, or just came up short, they give to everybody else before taking for themselves. They seem to enjoy doing for others more than doing for themselves. Whether it’s buying clothes for little girls (ours or otherwise), or going to watch a live rendition of Blues Clues, something that seems to be common of mothers is the joy that they derive from the joy of others.

Determination. They will not be dissuaded. There is no task too large for them to handle, Managing a household of two, three, five ( <3 ), or NINE (God love you, my saint of a Grandma), with varying degrees of help is not easy. But, you’re adaptable, and will make it work with what you have.

I’m very grateful to have known and loved the mothers in my life. But, I’d be amiss if I didn’t differentiate the special kind of mom that my girls have. The kind of mom that makes jambalaya for a Princess and the Frog birthday party. Or, plans “Family Movie Night” which is more than simply watching a movie together. It’s watching a Halloween movie with pizza mummies for dinner and making crafty mummies out of jars and gauze. Or spends weeks planning Funner (what happens when school is out).

One day, girls, you will appreciate just how much your mom labors to bring you joy. Daily. Sadly, not everybody has a mom like you do. But, when it comes to moms, you have the best of the best.

Moms…what you do matters. You take young, impressionable little people, and help turn them into people who make the world a better place. Just like Moms themselves.


See? My decision making isn’t ALWAYS suspect! Otherwise, how could I possibly have scored so well in the family department? Here are all of my girls, right after the arrival of my littlest princess, with my own Mom making a cameo in the corner.

Happy Mother’s Day!